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Links to useful free software that we give away

Our Software

The items listed here were made in-house by Tech Connection.

BubbleGrid is a simple game for iPhone that you can download for free from the App store.
Wiktionary Lookup for Chrome
This CRX file adds a menu item to Google Chrome that helps you look up any word that you've right clicked in Wiktionary, a website that not only defines words but helps to explain where they come from.

Other Useful Software

The following software packages are provided free of charge with no implied warranty. We think this software is great but always check to make sure that software you download is from a reputable source.

Avast Free Antivirus
Protect your PC from common viruses and other threats.
Removes temporary files, clears cookies and history and fixes common registry problems.
Anti-spyware and malware applpication. You can use this clean out pop-ups and fake infection notices.