Service First

Your company needs services that are meant for businesses to use. You need high speed and efficiency. Our solutions are tailored to meet those needs. You will enjoy screaming fast Internet access, quick automatic backups and efficient phone service. Your business deserves a solution engineered for success.

Services Overview

We focus our efforts on several related areas. First and foremost is our Fiber to the Premises (FttP) solution called Lightwire. Lightwire is a metro-fiber connection that we bring directly to your building and suite. You will never want to use cable or DSL again after a few days with this connection! We convert the fiber to ethernet at the last few feet so that you do not need to buy any adapters or modems. When you use Lightwire, you have an amazing array of available services, all of which will improve your business.

VoIP Phones

Lightwire is built to support phone service over fiber. Not just any phone service, but best-in-class VoIP from local vendors that add immense value to how you communicate. Features such as enhanced caller id, music on hold, fax to email, and auto attendants are standard with VoIP. And best of all, unlimited incoming and outgoing lines!

Offsite Backup

Make automatic nightly backups a breeze with the amazing bandwidth Lightwire offers. We can provide you with solutions that can backup entire fleets of PCs nightly with no manual effort required on your part. Sleep soundly knowing your data is backed up safely and reliably.

Managed Servers

A Lightwire connection makes distance no obstacle. You can colocate your server with us and utilize a 1Gb/s Internet connection or you may rent one from us to cut down on expertise and maintenance costs. With a fiber connection it feels like the server is in the office with you. You get all the speed and none of the headache of managing it and backing it up. Emergency power and security is provided to protect your investment.

Help Desk

Everyone needs help with computers. Control your IT costs and leverage our expertise with flat rate help desk services. We provide remote support, with visits from technicians as you need them.