Local Phone Service

Keep your existing phone numbers and lose your phone company for something better and simpler. No more confusing bills, no more separate long distance, and no more feature by feature charging. Get caller ID, conferencing, auto-attendants and menus, voicemail to email, and private direct lines for every single person in your company - all standard with every signup.

Commercial Hosted Telephone Service and Phones

Phone service should be simple, but traditionally has been a headache to order, move and maintain. With digital phones that use VoIP, many problems can be solved at once. You'll get all the available phone features you need like caller id, on hold music, menu systems and voicemail to email with no special per-feature charges. You'll get your long distance bill from the same people that provide the phone service. You won't pay for inter-island calls, ever. If you move desks around, take your phone with you, no more changing extensions or feature codes depending on where you sit. This is phone service the way it was meant to be.

We've spent a lot of time becoming experts in VoIP planning and deployment. If you allow us, we'll create the most painless experience possible so that you are glad you upgraded, and never want to go back to old analog lines. We make it our business to shield you from all the difficult processes that need to be completed and keep you informed of status along the way.

The general idea behind our telephone service is simple: we replace all your phones with digital phones. If you are in range of Lightwire, you can cancel all analog lines. If not, we replace your analog lines with just 2 DSL lines. We port your existing numbers and fax lines into our system. After you cut the cord with the phone company, we program up the new phones however you wish, menus, voicemail, fax to email, the works.

  • We use industry standard Polycom phones - all VoIP vendors support these
  • Caller ID included
  • Every phone gets voicemail with voicemail to email option
  • Call forwarding from all phones
  • Auto-attendants
  • Conference rooms for multi-user conversations
  • Every phone gets a direct line
  • No limit on incoming lines - never a busy signal
  • No maintenance fees, yearly or otherwise

And lots more! You can schedule a demo with us to see all the available features.

Tech Connection

Lots of local vendors offer VoIP service, so why do we think you will like ours best? Like all VoIP providers, our phones use the Internet to make and receive phone calls. What would happen if you downloaded videos and music while talking on the phone? What if you had ten employees all downloading PDFs and trying to speak on a conference using a competitor's system? What if your Internet provider had an outage? These are real problems that all digital phone vendors face. If you run your phones over RoadRunner, you can't yell at your phone provider if Oceanic has an outage in your area.

We can offer something better. For one, the private network we use is not affected by outages that plague other Hawaii ISPs. If HawaiianTel is not able to service DSL in your area, your Lightwire connection is not affected. Additionally, our network is designed from end to end to support phone service. This means you can download all you want, all day long, without dropping even a single call or hearing any echo. We guarantee this is the best network for phone service in Hawaii. You'll benefit greatly from having your network provider and your phone provider being one and the same.

If you are considering digital phones for your company, you may get a direct quote from us by using our web form.

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