Partner Program

We can complement your small consulting business and provide expertise where you need it.

Let's help each other

It can be tough being a consultant. Many of us started out as 'the computer guy' that everyone knows and just winged it from there. A lot of times in this industry, people trash talk each other's choices of hardware, servers, design skills or other aspects of our jobs. It can be pretty hard to find someone you can really work with who won't take credit for your work or worse, take your customers.

Tech Connection is the group of people you've been looking for if you need a friendly local consulting firm to bounce ideas off of and share solutions with. Part of the reason we've grown out of being a one man shop is because we worked together with our competitors when they had a solution that complemented our skill set. We want to continue this tradition by partnering with local consulting providers wherever possible.

There are many advantages to outsourcing certain areas of your business to us, and the biggest is that we make you look good - not to mention we pay very generous commissions to partners that refer qualified leads to us. We also refer leads back to you when possible so that you benefit from being in a relationship with us.

If you want to refer us a lightwire or VoIP customer, we pay commission for the life of the contract. For other, project based work, such as network wiring, we kick you back a healthy percentage of what we net on the job.

Partner highlights:
  • Monthly commission on leads that turn into clients
  • Percentage of paying projects
  • Preferred access to our parts - wires, switches, racks,
    routers, all available in town for walk in pickup.
  • We never trash talk or steal clients - this is our #1 rule

If you think you know someone who might want to use Lightwire or our other services, its time to become a partner and be rewarded for your referral. Set up an appointment with us so that we can meet you and make it official!

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