Support Issues

Full remote support, 24/7 with 4 hour response time. Onsite work when you need it. One flat rate.

Something gone wrong? Here's what to do.

Let us know about the problem.
You can call the help desk at 695-4300 or you can send email to to report issues.

If you are a help desk client:
Log into your client portal and submit a trouble ticket in order to activate your service level agreement. You'll get 4 Hour response time in most instances.

You can also get remote support if you are speaking on the phone with a technician.

If you have lost a file and need help with FleetSafe
  • Tell us the path to the lost file
  • We will restore it in place
  • We can also email you the file at your request

Don't panic - we'll help you solve any issue and get you back to work.