Unique Solutions

You're in business because you do something no one else does. Here is what makes Tech Connection unique.

FleetSafe Continuous Backup

Our unique backup solution does a few things that no other local shop in Hawaii can offer. First, we back up every computer you've got, even your home computers and laptops. If you do any work on it, it needs to be backed up. Second, we don't wait until midnight to backup your information. The moment you click save, our solution starts to backup your work. Third, your information is replicated into the cloud storage that we manage, we make sure you are protected from hard drive crashes or local backup system failures. Lastly, you get unlimited history of your files going back to the first day our solution was installed. You can pull up a file and see how it looked a year or more ago.

-PC and Mac compatible
-Uses advanced deduplication techniques to make fast full backups every time.
-Fully encrypted

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Network Wiring

We build networks you can be proud of. You want your network, out of sight, in-wall and professionally managed. We provide all the parts required, from drills, drywall cutters, mounting brackets, frames, patch panels, switches, routers, patch cables and labels. Everything we build comes with a lifetime guarantee. Nobody out does us when it comes to building your network.

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We Help with Servers

Servers are great until you have to buy one, back it up or upgrade it to a new one. We know how hard it can be to shell out several thousand for the newest hardware and software combinations. We also know what a nightmare it is trying to back up a server reliably and for a quick restoration of service if it goes down. We can help you find a way out of the constant cycle of upgrades and consultant fees. We offer servers by lease with automatic upgrades to the latest hardware with options to store your server at the data center if you so desire - this allows higher uptime and much greater Internet bandwidth.

If you have many users in diverse locations to service, we're certain that we can find a solution to fit your needs.

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