Dedicated Fiber Services

Put aside your T1 or other connection and upgrade to dedicated fiber. Your business deserves a connection that lets you leverage advanced technologies like virtualized servers, full daily backups of your entire PC fleet and fantastic VoIP quality.

Details About Lightwire

Lightwire is the perfect solution for those who want to consolidate services, upgrade capacity and speed, or enhance their enterprise. While speed and cost are impressive features, you'll appreciate the engineering and flexibility Lightwire provides. Customers that want metro-ethernet for instance will find Lightwire adds only 4-11ms of ping between locations relative to current LAN speeds.

Lightwire Technical Specifications

  • Up to 1GBit/sec burst transmissions
  • Layer 3 switching
  • 4-11 ms access times
  • No modems or special routers needed
  • Full QoS compatibility
  • Intra-state peering with Time Warner and HawaiianTel

Enterprise users will normally want to consolidate invoices and services from several different vendors in order to simplify their operations. Lightwire's exceptional bandwidth allows you to bundle in additional services to increase efficiency, reduce paperwork and lower overall costs.

We can help you get more value out of your connection with the following features:

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