Network Design

Providing planning, design, deployment and maintenance.

Network Services

Designing a network can be both simple and challenging at the same time. We follow a standard procedure and use standard parts on every job. Wires are run in conduit or in ceiling and in-wall. Outlets are placed in-wall and everything runs back to a standard network rack with a patch panel.

Your in-office wiring should never be hanging out of a ceiling panel or run along the floor. It should never be resting on a drop ceiling tile or run over a light fixture. We can help you with the nuts and bolts part of the networking.

Then comes the challenge of implementing your network. How do the offices out in the North Shore connect back to town? Are you hosting your own email and website internally or externally? Can you create a single wireless network to cover a series of warehouse buildings? We help you purchase the right switches and routers for your company. We also help you configure them and tie your offices together through our data center.

We'd like to help you plan your network. You can make an appointment or request a quote for everything from a single run of cable to a full office deployment. We've worked on custom residential to full blown OfficeMax and Home Depot retail stores and we'd like to work with you next.